Friday, February 13, 2009


Hello and welcome to my blog. I am new at this so please be patient with me. The intention of this blog is to help me stay on track with my life and maybe help someone else along the way. I will be posting tried and true recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation and some new ones to me. I will also be posting weekly menu plans and such each Monday. I love a good deal so when I find them I will pass those along as well. I love the feeling of having a clean and organized home so there will be some of those posts too. Of course I will also be sharing pics and stories about my ever so lovely grand daughters. I have Roo who is the oldest, she is almost 4 (April). I have Bug who just turned 2 and Gracie who is almost 5 months. Come along with me and let's see what we can find together............

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